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Camp Day Timetable

Our timetable has been carefully constructed to ensure that every child booked on to our camp day has the best possible learning experiences from of our PE teachers, and/or Specialist Sport Coaches. 

Each sport has been selected with the priority focus on supporting children to develop their Physical, Mental, and Social Health. The groups for the day will be determined via age categories as different forms of development takes place at different ages. This has been designed with information from the National Curriculum in mind and we here at AllSportsUK believe this to be in the best interests of our participants. 

Each group will spend 90 minutes participating within each sport selected for the day they are booked in for. In the middle of the sport participation aspects of the day; there will be a break time and a lunch time. This is where all children will spend time eating their lunches (lunch must be provided from home by parents/carers), talking, and free playing together in order to maximise the social health benefits of Multi-Sports.

There will be plenty of opportunities to spend time in our designated downtime area. Here, children will have access to child friendly books, colouring materials, and gentle board/card games. This area has been implemented to support and aid children in developing their mental health throughout our camp days.

Not only this but there will be designated times for children to head to the toilets, fill up drinks bottles, and have a quick clothes change in the changing rooms (if necessary).

The sports placed on each day are determined by coach availability and weather, however our holiday clubs will go ahead no matter the weather due to our amazing sports hall facility. 

If you have any questions or queries please contact us via the information provide on the 'Contact Us' page. 

Timetable of All Sports UK camp day
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